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Mar.’s workshops are :
*Based on over 35 yrs classroom experience (preK through college)
*Holistic in nature – because of her dual degrees (BA Music / MA Education
*Combines brain research findings with music/movement
*Multiculturalism is always considered – addressing those who are ELL
*Inclusion for children of all abilities
*Philosophy is not to teach music – but to “use music to teach
*Can be presented for ALL levels – preK – College

The 6 hour workshop can be broken into two topics, 3 hours in the morning, lunch break, 3 hours in the afternoon.  All topics include brain research findings and how to implement them through music and movement. They can also be inclusive of all age groups, with the exception of “Tappin’ Those Tiny Toes” which is specifically for infant/toddler.  (Music from the Music with Mar. catalog is in the Kaplan Learn Every Day Infant/Toddler Curriculum.”

As teachers, we do so much more than give the tools for learning basic skills.
It is important we are aware of the impact we make on children’s lives.
When we know that children learn best by modeling, than we must model good behavior.
When we know children need to be hugged and smiled at, we must hug and smile.
(Isn’t that a wonderful job description?)  Sing-cerely, Mar.

Feel free to ask for other topics as Mar. presents workshops on literacy, communication skills and teaching it all through music (basic skills).    Mar.’s philosophy is centered around the importance of making adults comfortable using music with children.

*Conference Keynote:  Includes 2 workshops per day and one keynote.
(Ask about including a Concert)
*Full Day workshop (6 Hours)
Standard fee is $3000/day + expenses (airfare, hotel, transportation)
Fee is negotiable depending on event’s requirements
*Concert: A sound system must be there.
*Certification: Includes 6 hrs of training plus materials
Additional fee for  materials at additional center
Bob McGrath      Becky Bailey NAEYC   Ella Jenkins Concert

What others say about Mar.

“I could listen to her for another hour.” Port Charlotte Early Childhood Specialist

“Mar. Harman combines her degrees in music education and early childhood education with her talented voice and gift of reaching children to inspire and teach us all how to enjoy music and learning. Her work is a gift to children and those who care for them.” Dr. Becky Bailey

“You are a real professional and the last person sitting still got your best. I was most impressed.” Suzanne Gellens, Exec. Dir ECAF/President SECA

“You are to be commended for all the time and energy you give to children. The payoffs are quite evident. You can be very proud.” Dt Lynn Thomson, FL DARE

“Thank you for helping us remember how special is is to be a parent.” Kelley Cheek

“Mar. Harman touches the hearts of children with her music. She educates about important issues in the very best way, with laughter and song, encouraging the children to participate in the joy of the process.” Dr. Peter Alsop, children’s musician

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