Basic Class Info

What makes “Music with Mar.” different?

Whereas some music classes focus on teaching to the little musician, Music with Mar. classes teach to the whole child using music. The child’s music abilities can be nurtured along with motor, social, language, safety and cognitive skills. A good music foundation for later on as well as an all around good academic foundation is laid out through the use of well thought out lyrics and movements.

Music with Mar. is a class where a caregiver and a child participate together in musical activities which enhance the four main areas of development-cognitive, social, motor and language.  (THE ADULT attending MUST be able to participate with the child for the child to get the full benefit of the program.)    A good music foundation, as well as an all around good academic foundation, is laid through the use of well thought out lyrics and movements.

Music with Mar. classes:
*focus on the total development of the child, and not on musicality
*know that children learn best through play and activation of many senses
*provide an environment where the parent and child are comfortable
*help children start to understand how to behave in this setting.
*Mar. brings her class on the road to parent/teacher groups on request
*Late afternoon and evening classes now available.   2nd Qtr class listings 2017

     *Class length is 45minutes
     *Adult attends with Child
     *Cost is $12.00/session or
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~Consecutive weeks not necessary; $50 card expires in 2 months
~pre-registration not necessary; you just show up
~must be w/instructor purchased from
~price per family/not per child
~not separated by ages; learn from other ages

Activities include:
*puppets       *rhythm instruments       *kazoos       *bean bags         *parade           *books

*turn off cell phones
*refrain from eating
*use slow, safe feet
*keep toys in car
*Children are not good or bad; choices may be
*Instructors focus on the activity and its results

*Dr. Becky Bailey’s philosophy is followed for behaviors  See Here…

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Interested in teaching Music with Mar.?
Music w/Mar. is now offering licensing to qualified individuals who would like to bring Music with Mar. classes to their community.  Qualifications include degrees in education, early childhood, nursing or other child development fields.  For information, please contact Mar. via e-mail at or call 727/781-4MAR.