Meet the Instructors

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Broward County

Elizabeth “Pie” Kasbar (2010)  always had a strong attachment to music. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon Univ with a BFA in Vocal Performance. Studying classically provided a strong foundation in music and nurtured her love of performance. Her audience dwindled to the most important and appreciative of all: her children. Pie always suspected the impressive power of music in child development.  Becoming familiar with Mar. has proven that over and over. The opportunity to teach Music with Mar. has been a Blessing.  Pie enjoys sharing this newfound knowledge with parents and children alike.                                     Pie’s Facebook Page

Christina w MFChristina Chang (2015)  discovered amazement and wonder she never dreamed possible with the birth of her ‘miracle’ baby.  As a globetrotter, Music with Mar. was one of the discoveries she fell in love with during her pursuit to enhance her daughter’s development.  No stranger to being in front of the classroom, as an ESL and Chinese instructor, her focus is now, understandably, child development.  A former business consultant and scientist, music has always been a big part of her life with piano, chorus and Taiko drumming. Her wish is to share the happiness and joy Music with Mar. has brought her family.                           Miss Christina’s Facebook Page


Hillsborough County

Karen Gliddon is listed in Pinellas County.  She also hosts classes in Hillsborough.


Orange County

Becky-S-300x300Becky Sego (2009) Becky has a Bachelors Degree in Music Education and is a National Board Certified Teacher. After 14 years teaching music in public school, Becky became a Mom of two beautiful girls. Looking for an option to share her passion of music with kids while staying home, she learned of this wonderful program. Along with being an active private woodwind instructor, adjudicator and leadership clinician, she is very excited to be bringing Music with Mar. to the Orlando area. Her girls are also very happy to make Mr. Froggy a new part of their family!    Miss Becky’s Facebook

Rachel B

Rachel Bateman (2016)  has always had a love for teaching from when she was a young girl changing her bedroom into a classroom.  She graduated from FSU with a degree in Elem Ed and taught for 13 years.  She was home spending time with her favorite student – her son, Asher and went to a Music with Mar. class.  Immediately recognizing the developmental and educational value, she decided to become an instructor.  Rachel is excited to have the opportunity to combine her love of music and teaching children in the Orlando area.    Miss Rachel’s Facebook


Alachua County     

Mary Fivecoat
(2003) Mary has been a preschool teacher for many years and helped to open and direct a preschool in her church. With children of school age, she was enjoying her new occupation, when along came Kimberly, Music with Mar. classes and a decision to become an instructor herself! Mary feels very lucky and blessed to be able to combine her favorite hobbies, singing and dancing, with her favorite occupation, working with children. Music with Mar. is a great way to enjoy both    Miss Mary’s Facebook


Pinellas County

Maryann “Mar.” Harman Mar. founded Music with Mar. when her daughter, Gioia, was 3 years old.  Before then, she was a music teacher for K – 8. Her passion for getting parents to value the importance of music in their children’s lives inspired her to create the program and the supportive music and activities.  Mar. still actively teaches classes and travels extensively lecturing on brain research and music.   Miss Mar.’s Facebook    Miss Mar.’s Brain Facts



Karen Gliddon (2002) Karen has her bachelor’s degree in psychology and graduated from USF in 1999. She has been a nanny and has her background in early childhood (CDA). Karen has also worked with sign language. In 2002, she became a first time mother and ran classes with Mathew attached and bouncing along. Her family has expanded as has her classes. She teaches in North Pinellas County, FL. Working with children is her passion.      Miss Karen’s Facebook


Tamara Mulholland (2003) Once upon a time, Tamara was enjoying staying at home with her two boys, taking them to playgroups and, of course, Music with Mar.! She has a BA in Geography and 5 years in pediatrics. Tamara visited the MwM website and noticed they were looking for instructors.  She thought “Wow! I think I can do this!”. What a joy it is to provide an outlet for moms, a learning environment for preschoolers and not have to work full time. Being a MwM instructor has opened doors, too. Tamara leads the “cherub choir” at her church and  works a few at a preschool as a music teacher. Life is great!    Miss Tamara’s Facebook

Fawn Sells (2017)  Music has always been her first love. Teaching children, in Florida, has always been part of the retirement plan once her only son was off to college. She left Ohio 2 years ago and never looked back. She graduated from Berkley College of Music, Boston majoring in Production and Writing with an Understudy in Voice and Musicianship. However, music is her third career. She is a USAF Veteran, a former Paralegal and now feels blessed and honored that the Universe conspired so that she can spend the second part of her life as a Music with Mar Instructor. She teaches in South Pinellas County.      Fawn’s Music with Mar.

Pasco County

Colleen Legg (2017)  Colleen was a Math and Musical Theater teacher for 6 years and is now a mom of three young children. She loves to sing and play guitar and keys for her church worship team. She has a passion for connecting with kids through music and loves the confidence that it can bring out in a child. Colleen is so excited to be on this journey with Music with Mar.!





Loly SLoly Stacey (2015) As soon as your kids are born, your priorities change and from that moment on you will always seek out what is best for them. Loly and her family lived in Austin, Texas for almost 10 years and loved going to Music with Mar.  When she and her family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area Loly tried to find Music with Mar. classes to attend and realized, they did not offer them in California. Two years later, still thinking about the class and all the value it brings to a community, she decided to bring this educational, fun, affordable and flexible class to California. Her two children are a little older now, but Music with Mar. was a foundational block for their development and education at an early age.  That confirms the impact the class makes on kids. Now they insist on being her little helpers. Loly is very excited about opening the class in the Bay Area!                 Miss Loly’s Facebook Page

Jennifer Endecott (2016) Teaching has been an important part of my life for 12+ years.  I am a Nat’l Board Certified Elementary School Teacher with a reading endorsement and have my Masters in Education Administration from Western Washington University.  Incorporating the arts in to my classroom has always been a passion.  I took a leave of absence from the classroom to be a stay-at-home mom and discovered Music with Mar.  “I was looking for an opportunity to expose my children to music knowing it would help their growth into confident learners and increase their language development.  I was immediately impressed with the link between music and literacy and knew we were hooked.  Two years later, I found out we were moving and became excited to bring Music with Mar. classes with us as we embarked on our new adventure to Lemoore, CA.            Miss Jennifer’s Facebook Page



AnnmarieAnnmarie Stasica (2014) When moving to Colorado, Annmarie wanted to bring the program with her. Not only did Annmarie attend classes, she also worked in the office as administrative assistant and has been a part of Music with Mar. since 1999. She fell in love with the program when her daughter was 10 months old. She has a background in early childhood (CDA) and worked 10 years at the Deaf Literacy Ctr teaching sign language to parents and children, both hearing and deaf. Annmarie has a passion for working with children.   Miss Annmarie’s Facebook



Temporarily closed



Stephanie Martin (2013) Has a Bachelors degree in Music Education, Masters in Education and taught elementary music for Pre-K – 6th grade for six years. After having her daughter, Elise, she felt it was important to be at home with her. She found a Music with Mar. program and was hooked! “My daughter loved it and I loved that it taught practical information through fun and engaging music. I enjoy the positive atmosphere it creates, the bonding it provides parents and their kids, along with the affordable rate.” Four years later, still attending classes with Elise, Nathan, and baby #3 in the womb, she decided this was the perfect time to become an instructor. She’s excited to share her passion for teaching and bring the joy and fun to families through Music with Mar. program.   Miss Stephanie’s Facebook


Jen LJennifer Laverentz (2013) Jen is a stay at home mom with her three little boys playing trains and Star Wars. Before her boys, she worked as a communications and development director for a non-profit organization. She earned degrees in Broadcast Journalism and History at the University of Missouri and a Masters in Public History from Middle Tennessee State.  She loves Music with Mar. because it encourages moms to step away from their ‘to-do’ list and have fun with their children.  In addition to Music with Mar. , Jen teaches Sunday School and leads a mom’s discipleship group.



Kelly O’Brien Evans (2017)  Kelly loved bringing her two sons to Music with Mar. Classes in Buffalo so much whenever she visited there, she decided to bring it to Anne Arundel County, MD. Kelly has degrees in Elementary and Special Education with a MA in Creative Studies.  As a former Special Ed Teacher, Kelly especially loves the way Music with Mar. addresses academic and social school readiness skills in an interactive and exciting way.




Valerie Adams (2017) Valerie lives in Kansas City with her husband and three girls.  She has a Bacherlors Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Education.  She taught 2nd grade for 7 years until she left teaching to be a stay at home mom.  She discovered Music with Mar. when took her oldest child to class and immediately fell in love with the program.  Valerie is excited to have the opportunity to combine her passion of teaching and music as a Music with Mar. Instructor.


New Hampshire

Temporarily closed


North Carolina

Laurie Josey (2010) Laurie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. She taught elementary as well as middle school aged children in public schools for 11 years before becoming a stay at home mom after having her second child. She’s originally from Western, NY (the Buffalo area) and was there visiting family when she attended her first Music with Mar. class with her two children who were 1 and 4 at the time. She was overjoyed to find an entertaining & educational class that was appropriate for both of her children, despite their age difference. After returning from her visit, she searched for a program in her current hometown and was disappointed nothing compared to her experience with MwM. She decided she wanted to bring MwM to her area so other families could have the opportunity to bring their children to a class that would offer such a dynamic integration of music and learning.   Miss Laurie’s Facebook


New York — Western Area



Katie Webster (2002) Owner Mr. Froggy’s Friends Katie enjoyed her Music with Mar. classes so much, she wanted to become an instructor. After 15 years of teaching class, Katie now owns and operates “Mr. Froggy’s Friends”, the company that obtains, trains and maintains Music with Mar. Instructors.  You can contact her here:   Miss Katie’s Facebook


Sarah Khuu (2008) Sarah Khuu has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She has taught many years of piano and clarinet lessons, as well as pre-school and elementary school. In 2003, she moved to Buffalo, NY from Minnesota and first encountered Music with Mar. classes with her young daughter. Soon she began subbing for area teachers and then becames a fully licensed Music with Mar. teacher. “Teaching is my passion, and my children love going to class as much as I do!”   Miss Sarah’s Facebook


Anita Herr (2003) Anita enjoyed Julie’s classes so much and was so impressed by the obvious developmental benefits to the children, she started training with Julie to start her own classes. Anita has a BS in Special Education and a Masters Degree in Learning Disabilities. After teaching for 14 years, Anita stayed at home when her first child was born in 2001. Being a MwM instructor allows her the joy of staying home with her daughter and son while continuing her love of teaching, all at the same time! Anita’s classes are in the Tonawanda area, north of Buffalo.


Bridget Pacholec
(2008) Bridget Pacholec is a mom to four boys. She has been teaching dance for over 20 years. She started attending Music with Mar. when son number four arrived and instantly fell in love. She was happy to find a program that would allow her to share her passion of music and movement with the community in a fun and educational way!   Miss Bridget’s Facebook

Melissa-14-300x300Melissa Sacco
(2009) Once Melissa got her Bachelor’s Degree from Medaille College in 2006, she decided to start a family and be a stay-at-home mother. After participating in Music with Mar. classes with her two youngest children for over a year, she was inspired to join the MwM team herself. When she saw what a positive impact the classes had in her own life she couldn’t help but want to take a more active role with her children and others in her community.


April Sroka (2017) As a stay-at-home mom of 3, April attended Music with Mar. classes for 3 yrs. She enjoyed the flexibility, enjoyment and fun of each class.  April has had a life filled with music. She played piano and trumpet in her childhood and started singing at church when she was 12. Throughout HS and college she was involved in theater and chorus. In 2004, she won Miss Buffalo and was a finalist for Miss New York in the Miss America pageant where she won the talent award at each level of competition. She has a strong passion for music and it’s benefits for children.



Julie Damian (2017) Music with Mar. has been special to my family for the past five years.  My own boys have enjoyed singing, dancing, learning and growing with Mr. Froggy and friends.  Now, it is my turn to share the program with your family as an instructor.  Music has been an important part of my life as I sang in choir throughout my school years.  As a teacher of K – HS, I used music in the classroom to teach vital academic and social skills.  I look forward to meeting your family and helping them grow through music and fun!  Julie’s Facebook Page 


Danielle Hentish (2018) Loves to travel. Born in California, raised in Maryland, and then somehow landed in Western New York working as a nanny- which is where she found MwM at Miss Katie’s class, and immediately fell in love. She became an instructor as soon as she could. Music, dance, education, and children are all topics she is very passionate about, and she feels so blessed to have found something that allows her to combine all of these areas in one! Although she traveled around a lot, she is a former graduate of Lehi high school, and will soon graduate with a Bachelor’s of Communication from Utah Valley University. She is excited to bring her family and friends of Utah all the magic that MwM has to offer!





Aya Masuda (2017) has a bachelor’s degree in English to teach Middle / High School, and is certied to teach English to Elementary School Children in Japan.  When she moved to Buffalo from Japan, she experienced a mind-blowing experience – Music with Mar.!   Soon, she realized her daughter’s development in language ability as well as social skills and fell in love with the program.  She wishes to bring the Music with Mar. program to families in Japan in the future.  “As a mom, I really enjoyed MwM and had so much fun discovering my child’s development in language, motor, social, and cognitive skills every single time.  I am so excited to teach because this is the program that children who have bottomless possibilities can naturally acquire many aspects of English and other skills just by following the beat.  But, most of all, it’s FUN!!”



Mirzat Nurshat (2012) Mirzat is our first instructor in Beijing. “I’m happy to be a Music with Mar. instructor because I love children. Wherever there is a child, there is happiness, love, hope, everything. It was my dream to work with children. I’ve been looking for a program that can offer me a chance to actually work and have fun with children. Here it is, Music with Mar. I love music, singing, dancing, listening, and even creating music. It is one of the most important things in my life. Moving to the beat, clapping to the rhythm, showing the music with body movement, all are included in Music with Mar. program. It is the perfect program for me.”