Meet Mr. Froggy’s Team

Here you can learn about Mar., the Florida Instructors who head up the Florida-based workshop team and the rest of Mr. Froggy’s family of talented, loving instructors

Maryann “Mar.” Harman    Mar. founded Music with Mar. in 1993 when her daughter, Gioia, was 3 years old.  Before then, she was a music teacher for K – 8. Her passion for getting parents to value the importance of music in their children’s lives inspired her to create the program and the supportive music and activities.  Mar. still actively teaches classes and travels extensively lecturing on brain research and music.  To learn more about the wonderful  workshops she presents, visit this page :  Mar.’s Workshop HOPportunities

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Because of the demand for the Music with Mar. Brand workshops, the following instructors have received extended training to present workshops.


Karen Gliddon (2002) Karen has her bachelor’s degree in psychology and graduated from USF in 1999. She has been a nanny and has her background in early childhood (CDA). Karen has also worked with sign language. In 2002, she became a first time mother and ran classes with Mathew attached and bouncing along. Her family has expanded as have her classes. She teaches in North Pinellas County, FL and owns her own place where she shares her knowledge of love of families.   The link is below.  Working with children is her passion.

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Tamara Mullholand (2003) Once upon a time, Tamara was enjoying staying at home with her two boys, taking them to playgroups and, of course, Music with Mar.! She has a BA in Geography and 5 years in pediatrics. Tamara visited the MwM website and noticed they were looking for instructors.  She thought “Wow! I think I can do this!”. What a joy it is to provide an outlet for moms, a learning environment for preschoolers and not have to work full time. Being a MwM instructor has opened doors, too. Tamara leads the “cherub choir” at her church and  works at a preschool as a music teacher. Life is great!
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Jocelynn Martinusen (2016) is a mother of two who loves working with children.  She has worked with a variety of ages from toddler to HS. She learned of Music with Mar. while attending as a nanny and was amazed at how fun, educational and affordable it was as families built essential skills while moving, laughing and playing with music.  She knew she wanted to train to share the program with others.  While homeschooling her children, Jocelynn is also working towards her Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood.

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Adri Donaldson (2020)  I am Adrienne Donaldson, and I am the proud owner and director of Jitta Bug Learning Center LLC and Jitta Bug Professional Development, wife, educator, and aunt. I am a certified Mentor, PD Specialist, Observer for NAFCC (National Association for Family Child Care) and I am dedicated to the field of education.  I attended a workshop with Mar. and decided that I wanted to teach the Music with Mar. program.  
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Annmarie Stasica ( )  Began attending Mar.’s classes when her daughter was 1.  She helped grow the business working in the office as Mar.’s assistant and then decided she wanted to teach.  She brings her ASL abilities to use in the classes.  When she moved to CO, she took the program with her and has successfully introduced Music with Mar. to a new state.

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Sarah States (2020)  I am a homeschooling mother of three. We have enjoyed Music with Mar since my 10 year old daughter was a toddler. I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of using music, sign language, and movement as tools in education. I have experience teaching children from preschool through Elementary School in a variety of settings from Nursery School and Scouts to CoOpperatives. I am excited to share this program that has been so special to my family with your family!