Mr. Froggy’s Fitness Fun

Mr Froggy Fit 2in

Classes opening around the US

Ages 3 – 7
Wear Closed Shoes
Bring Water to Hydrate

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Mr. Froggy’s Fitness Fun is a class using music and movement to instill a life long love of good healthy habits.  As a music teacher / entertainer (and someone who loves applying brain research to music), this class focuses on family fitness. Keeping in mind that fitness includes:

  •  Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Rest
  • Sunshine

The songs contained in the class are about all these topics.

Habits are developed by age 7. Music is a great gift to give to children. Combine that with a dedication to keeping their bodies fit, and you have a successful, happy person in the making.

The different styles of music
 used in class will engage both adults and children.
Hop on into a class today!