Froggy Favorites

Wide-mouthed Bullfrog Song

Wide-Mouthed Bullfrog by Music with Mar. ..


Tap Your Sticks

TapYourSticksSample by Music with Mar. ..


Five Fingers in My Pocket

FiveFingersInMyPocketSample by Music with Mar. ..


Mr. Froggy Song

MrFroggySample by Music with Mar. ..


Primary Colors

PrimaryColors by Music with Mar. ..


Open/Shut Them

14OpenShutThem by Music with Mar. ..


Bunny Hop Jump

Sample: BunnyHopJumpSample by Music with Mar. ..


Our Latest

Child Glove New

Child Glove

Black glove to be used with fingerplays..


Individual Fingerpuppet New

Individual Fingerpuppet

set of five puppets - choice of flowers, bees, apples, monkeys, frogs, flags, hearts, lady..


Show Me How You Move to the Letters (full album download) New

Show Me How You Move to the Letters (full album download)

This CD was put together by Dr. Debby Mitchell (GEO MotionTV) and Maryann “Mar.” Harman (M..


Goodbye To You

GoodbyeToYou by Music with Mar...


Wash Yourself

WashYourself by Music with Mar...


I Just Can't Seem To Tie My Shoes Yet

I Just Cant Seem To Tie My Shoes Yet by Music with Mar...


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